Dating someone special needs child

29-Aug-2016 04:12

Whatever your date night, set the day of the week and stick with it! Talk openly and honestly about EVERYTHINGOne of the hardest things a special needs child faces is communicating their thoughts, and as most couples know, it’s also a key piece of any successful marriage.

Now, that doesn’t mean your relationship turns into the latest Lifetime movie complete with monologues and hearts on sleeves, but parents should be open to talk out their thoughts, fear, hopes, and frustrations with one another.

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In reality, these children will go on to lead awesome and meaningful lives, so don’t let the stress or fear of the unknown tear apart the marriage you’ve invested in.

Take the time to pull yourselves together and recognize that you and your spouse are getting to watch a new picture form before your very eyes. Your child needs the support of both parents working together to reach his/her potential and be truly happy.

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I intend to interview friends and relatives to get the viewpoints of everyone who is affected by having someone with autism in their lives – past, present, and future.Counselors who specialize in working with special needs families can give parents all kinds of helpful information — whether it be references for additional help, connection with other families of special needs children, or play dates and groups to help children (and parents! Those resources found in local groups, counselors, and educators pay off in dividends by helping parents build a powerhouse of support and information that can take the strain off the marriage, and it'll give you the feeling that you have to do everything yourself.4.