Dating someone from a broken home

21-Sep-2016 01:32

Or you’ll end up in a messy relationship where both of you hate each other.[Read: Top 20 reasons for divorce that most couples overlook] #10 An extremely insecure partner. Have you ever been in a relationship where you feel more stressed and tired rather than happy and glowing? And at other times, we have friends and even family who are toxic for our lives.

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Well, unless your lover makes a conscious effort to become a more accommodating person.

Lovers with toxic personalities may not necessarily be bad people.

But when they impose their negative way of life on you, it could affect the way you look at life and destroy you from the inside.

These kinds of partners will suck the happiness out of your life even before you realize it. When you’re in a toxic relationship like this, you’d end up feeling more insecure and frustrated, and may even feel paranoid about the whole relationship, while your partner laughs and lies away all the time. An abusive partner doesn’t always have to abuse you physically.

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At times, even vocal abuses can have the same impact.Or you’ll end up getting frustrated with your partner all the time. Demanding partners expect the best from you, but yet they never return the favor.

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