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The duty of national power is its protection.’ Now the dignity of mankind is inviolable not just the dignity of European Christians!” (Read the full speech translated by Hanna Sachs Here and reflect on the many ways in which Jews are working to strip Christians of their “inviolable dignity.”) Merz quickly became anathema in the eyes of the Jewish-controlled media and has since effectively retired from active participation in politics.Horst Mahler, who is no stranger to the Federal Republic of Germany’s brutal Gulag system, has just been sentenced to 11 months imprisonment for treating the Jew Michel Friedman with “disrespect.” Friedman, a notoriously arrogant talk show host and a former deputy General Secretary of the ZJD with a criminal record as a cocaine dealer and a suspected key player in the illicit sex trafficking trade, filed suit following an interview with Mahler in the November 2007 German edition of “Vanity Fair.” In September 2007, the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Meisner, ignited a firestorm of controversy when he told his congregation “a culture without God is a decadent culture.” The went ballistic, denouncing the cardinal for using a word frequently cited by the National Socialists in their condemnation of decadent Jewish art, organized prostitution rings, sex trafficking and the drugs trade.- This phrase denotes a society based upon the principles of a “Leitkultur” that prioritizes the needs of its own citizens.- treasonously mandated imposed Zionist legislation making it a criminal offense to deny or even play down the so-called “Jewish Holocaust.” Anyone in Germany who publicly denies the propagandistic narrative upon which the terrorist state of Israel was established or questions any one of the many anomalies extant in the doctrine of official “history,” faces a maximum penalty of five years in jail.Indeed, two German scholars, Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf were illegally abducted from the United States and imprisoned for presenting scientific evidence that a phenomenal hoax called the “Jewish Holocaust” had taken place.

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Germany under its Zionist controlled leaders has now reached the point in which certain words used in German society will make one highly suspect.

In Europe’s dissenting underground community these words are known as “Germany’s forbidden words.” - This word denotes the “predominant culture” of German and European social mores which most Germans wish to retain as part of their Germanic culture.BTW, have you guys seem she got a REAL MAINSTREAM MODEL JOB being FRONT COVER of Maxim magazine? I hope she takes acting classes and becomes an actor.