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A little more than a year after the first sewing-machine patent was granted, Mr.BEAN, of New-York, obtained a patent for using the common sewing-needle with machinery.What the telegraph is to the commercial world, the reaper to the agricultural, the sewing-machine is to the domestic.The application of machinery to the purposes of sewing is of recent date, yet it has quietly worked its way into a position of great importance, not only in the relief that it brings to thousands of needle-women, but in a commercial view.To America belongs the honor of giving to the world many new inventions of great practical importance to mankind.Prominent among these are the Electric Telegraph, the Reaper and Mower, and the Sewing-Machine.The cloth to be sewed was suspended upon plus projecting from a "baster-plate." In front of the cloth the "pa[??? The use of the sewing-machine has already become far more extensive than the most sanguine anticipated.]plate" pressed the fabric upon the "baster-plate" while passing between them. They are common in the family, and fully supply the wants of the needle in the household, and have income indispensable to the dressmaker, tailor, [???

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No one invention has brought with it so great a relief for our mothers and daughters as these iron needle-women.The first real improvement made upon this machine was to change the needle from a horizontal to a vertical action, abandon the "baster-plate" and place the fabric to be sewed horizontally upon a plate beneath the needle and move it alone with plus and other projections which penetrated the cloth. WILSON, now of the firm of WHEELER & WILSON, obtained a patent for a "two-pointed shuttle," which would take a stitch in the backward, as well as in the forward motion. SINGER in the Patent-office records in connection with sewing machines. ]tress, and manufacturers of ready-mule clothing, ships and collars, skirts, hats, caps, ladies' gaiters, boors, shoes, harnesses and upholstery; and every other manufactory, where the needle and thread are used, has been benefited by this invention, Many few branches of industry have been created, and their pursuit rendered highly remunerative.This mode of feeding the material was exceedingly objectionable, because it prevented the free movement in the fabric so essential forming a curved seam. To attempt an enumeration of the various inventions that have been patented to improve the sewing machine, of which have scarcely been heard of since the patent was granted, would require more time and space than we can devote to it, so we will content ourselves with referring to the most prominent once now before the public. This improvement did not make the machine all that could be desired. In August, 1851, he obtained a patent for "giving the shuttle an additional forward motion." Thus far all the sewing-machines had serious disadvantages. A shirt manufactory in New-Haven, Ct., uses 500 of the lockstitch machines. Y., and vicinity, upwards of 3,000 of the same class of machines are employed to making shirts and collars.This invention, employed small geared wheels to corrugate the cloth, and through the folds true produced it thrust a long needle.

This machine, like the former, proved to be useless for manufacturing clothing, but it is employed in making small bags for grocers.

While endeavoring to procure a public recognition of his invention in England, he discovered harpies ready to seize and appropriate the fruits of his labors. Jr., covers the made of making the stitch termed the "lock stitch," used in the [??? The greatest and widest usefulness of this invention seems to have but just commenced.