Dating sim for mac

02-Apr-2017 16:21

the product itself is great though, who doesn't love Sims? I started playing the sims pretty recently on my roommates computer (PC). Then, when Hot Date came out for PC, we bought all the other expansion packs and I was blown away.

Everything else was really just add-ons, cool skins, new walls and objects, but Hot Date totally rocked!

You really have to pair two sims up, rather thann just stick em together and if they talk enough they will fall in love.

In Hot Date you have tons of different kissing styles, hug styles, cuddling options and chat options. What I am concerned with is the fact that the release date keeps being postponed.

For the Casanova Sim, there is a heart-shaped hot tub and, of course, there are some new skins so that you can introduce new faces into your town.

You can also edit the downtown area by creating your own buildings.

There are several restaurants ranging from the diner-style to the more up-market fish place, as well as a beach area, memorial park, and a couple of malls.

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Keep the faith simmers and mac users, oh and BTW, there is a new program not associated with maxis or aspyr called SKIN SHRINKER that will change PC skins for mac, so all thsoe pesky renaming of downloaded skins is over! First, I think my rating is more like 3.5 stars, not 4. I loved the Sims original game, loved the At Large expansion pack and was thrilled when I first heard about Hot Date.In The Sims: Hot Date, you'll play matchmaker and see if you can take your Sim down the path of romance!Fun new animated scenes and rewards for people who do well on their dates If you can keep up a conversation and share mutual interests over a long period, you can even ask for your date's hand in marriage!You get new characters, TOWNIES that your sim can interact with, and if things get going, bring home..of really cool new building stuff.

Loads of new interactions so that building a relationship is MUCH harder.

To help you out there are over 40 new interactions and "interests." These are like the "skills" cooking, mechanical, etc.

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