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24-Jul-2017 02:41

Also, when you're married, your spouse may not be on the same page (adventure type) that you may be. You will hold her accountable and resent her for not taking charge of your life. It seems not many people are persuading me to SETTLE DOWN though.

However I have yet to meet someone who I can potentially see myself settling down with. DESIRE TO GET MARRIED & HAVE KIDS (I don't want to sacrifice these)3.

That's fine and dandy, but at times it can seem to be a real rut. The support from everyone around me along with the excitement of seeing the world and what it has to offer is priceless.

Once the career starts, mortgages have to be paid, and saving for college education, there's so little money left for globe trotting. Plus you may meet someone during you travel, have lots of sex and marry them! You settle and you run the risk of blaming your significant other for a choice that you made.

This also gives you the chance to improve/focus on your career and improve your chances of re-employment when you return.

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There are also opportunties to make money on the road, some people spend many years living on the road, anythings possible.2.

The problem is that is exactly what I would be doing, GIVING UP MY DREAMS.

John was a champion girlfriend accumulator, the ringmaster of a romantic circus that only he could see.… continue reading »

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