Dating millionaire woman

12-Aug-2017 09:41

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“One of her best qualities is that she is open-minded.She will go out with anyone, and they all like her because she is smart, ambitious and spiritual,” says Patti.Patti tells us that they get tens of thousands of beautiful woman from all over the world registering to be part of the club and in certain cities there’s a male waiting list.There are far more females than males in her roster because women join for free, while men pay from ,000 to ,000 per year for membership.“We have millionaires from around the world—Mexico, Australia, England, Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa and more.Many will fly wherever they need to go to meet their ideal woman, and they’ll fly her in for dates first class if she likes,” says Patti.Patti’s own advanced services as an image consultant are available at a mere 00 per day, during which time she will take the guy shopping, help him pick out cool new designer duds and take him to a salon, all the while coaching him on what works and what doesn’t.My men are very handsome and are the marrying kind but sometimes a trip to barneys can seal the deal.

Patti’s grandmother found her mother’s first husband for her.

“I had one celebrity who just wanted me to introduce him to submissive women under 25 with dirty blond hair and wearing parochial school girl outfits,” Patti relates. He gave me the creeps.” She won’t go as far as to scrutinize a potential male member’s tax returns or bank statements, but Patti has her own ways of knowing whether or not a man is successful.

She asks about his cars, his home, his vacation habits, his lifestyle, and his place of employment.

“Ideally, what they all have in common is the desire for an old-fashioned, traditional relationship where the woman has the option of staying home and raising the children while her husband goes to work.” [Note: Urbanette finds the assumption of this 50’s-style relationship to be, as Patti said, very “old-fashioned” and patriarchal. A man might come to me asking for a 22-year-old hottie, but they usually end up in long–term relationships with quality women over 30, who are both intelligent and beautiful.” Tiffany is very popular in the service.

Food for thought.] “Most of our girls have college educations and careers. She is a 33-year-old Jennifer Garner look-a-like actress/model with a degree from Pepperdine University.

“All the men have been really classy, and the dates have been really nice.