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31-May-2017 05:14

They look at each other with respect but do not shake hands as WILL EMERSON starts to leave the office. While we appreciate your concern, this is not your problem anymore. He packs up the last of his things, which does not take long, then stands and gets ready to walk out.

HEATHER I hope you understand that this is in no way personal.

The current Oreo spokeswoman was spotted deep in study of her lines for her new movie Zoe on the steps of her trailer in Toronto.

On the set, Christina wore a black leather cap that her teased, long blonde locks flowed out from underneath.

TIM gets up and walks back towards the conference room with the woman.

He looks out through the glass of his office as she walks over to the door.

She is also spotted working on her fitness wearing a shirt with the Rolling Stones' mouth logo on it, a possible ode to her number one hit Moves Like Jagger with Maroon 5.

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