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06-Jun-2016 10:50

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Following the success of a pilot program in 2016, this program kicks off nationwide, pairing wine tasting with speed dating over an exhilarating series of 13 dates in seven cities in February.

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Wines of Chile also works closely with Pro Chile to develop and offer promotional and educational programs in Asia, Latin America and Europe.More information on Total Wine & More including its community outreach efforts, product offerings, stores locations and hours of operations are available at About Wines of Chile USA Wines of Chile is an organization committed to promoting the quality and image of Chilean wine throughout the world.“When they took us to Disneyland or Manchester United it wasn’t a happy time. People got good publicity but it didn’t put food on my table.”The extraordinary ordeal of the 33 began on August 5, 2010, when the 121-year-old San José gold and copper mine collapsed under a rock the size of the Empire State Building.

All they had to sustain them were a few tins of tuna and some biscuits.

Even Mario Sepulveda, their charismatic leader who was nicknamed Super Mario for his irrepressibly positive attitude, has battled suicidal feelings.“People saw the pictures of the rescue and they thought our hell was over,” he said.