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27-Mar-2017 15:54

VCT/AP uses its website, American Patrol Report, and self-produced videos like “Treachery and Treason in America” and “Conquest of Aztlán” to vilify Mexicans, deride so-called fifth-column Latinos, and rant about the allegedly long-planned Mexican invasion of the American Southwest.

On the site, Spencer attacked Mario Obledo, a leading Latino activist and recent recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, as “Pinche [a slang Spanish term often translated as “worthless” or “fucking”] Cockroach and 1998 Asshole of the Year.” A cartoon character was depicted urinating on Obledo’s picture.

The English language which spread to the world created many of its variants, the most prominent of which is American English.

The American English writing system is said to owe much to Noah Webster's "An American Dictionary of the English Language" which was completed in 1828.

The video then proceeds with an assortment of sound bites from Latino activists and Mexican officials — including references to “la reconquista” — that “prove” that there is a Mexican plot to break the Southwestern states away.

Other important varieties include Indian English, Australian English, and many English-based Creoles and Pidgins.

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