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06-May-2017 12:36

Am very shy at first but once we get closer I open up...

Disable your Facebook notifications, close the site with the dirty videos, and discover the 17 facts you absolutely need to know before dating beautiful Kenyan women.​As a man who is into dark-skinned women, you’ll fall in love with the beauty of Kenyan women.

Am a Lady I believe in my self in whatever I do, I spend my free time with my family I wear according to occasions mostly causal but smart, I hav a average body and black hair, Am looking for serious man who is ready Generally outspoken in a comfortable atmosphere, enjoy watching world sport, washing dishes is a phobia. I like cooking for my family and likes making peace with everyone. 3 inches, I like keeping my hair short and my I am a single lady from Kenya.

A man with a genuine interest for a good A down to earth lady who respects everyone from kid to grown ups and has fear of God.

I am woman and I know there are women I wouldn’t even recommend for my worst enemy to date. Undomesticated women ​ But judging from the state of my brother’s love life, and all those poor men out there who are married or dating one of these types, I have come up with a list with the hope that it will save some men from the agony of dating such women. These ones can’t do the basics such as cooking a simple thing such as tea to save their lives. ALSO READ: Shocking tales of how foreign men are using and dumping Kenyan women Look, woman, Jesus died for all of us.

ALSO READ: Will my wife Tenderoni allow me to marry a second wife? Differently put, they are clueless on the domestic front. Your neediness could be what keeps men away from you. The woman who feels the need to call her man 10 times a day or who will sleep with her boyfriend’s best friend and then play victim.

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For most, this is usually their first trip out of the United Kingdom or America and they are not as exposed as you think they are. Most of them jet in quietly and are executively transported to their holiday destinations.You will never ever see them unless you are a waitress. He knows you think he is your ticket out of poverty and he will make you pay for every cent he spends on you.And because you are a waitress, you are no worthier than the fly on the wall. The mzungus you see in town hanging out at Bob’s in Mombasa or at Mercury in Westlands, Nairobi, are not really as moneyed as you think they are. They are nobodies struggling to make ends meet in New York or London. That is why they ask you to do for them unorthodox sexual acts, and why they want to insert just about anything in your precious little pot and take pictures or film. And you agree to be a sexual slave to a mzungu who will dump you, anyway?

They don’t have proper jobs (they work as mechanic assistants and janitors in malls). These white men you suffer for are not even worth it. You see, that mzungu you leave your Kenyan boyfriend for, his great grandfather was a slave driver, and that mentality sticks throughout generations. He thinks of how you can work for him; how you can make him happy. Shame on you, for even looking suggestively at a white man!

They are either old blokes with leathery skin living on benefits and pension, or young losers without much promise in the UK. Number one, wealthy mzungu tourists don’t mix with locals because, apparently, they think Kenya is a “hotbed of terror”.

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