Dating in marcos san texas

01-May-2017 15:27

Texas State University is the state's fifth largest university with more than 38,000 students. Check out a sampling of our Trips, Treks and Adventures - San Marcos Itineraries to find the perfect fit for your family or group.

You can follow our path or mix and match and make up your own.

San Marcos residents have access to more than 1,200 acres of parkland and open space, which make it easy to enjoy the outdoors, especially with the average temperature hovering around 70 degrees.

Among the favored activities during the summer months is tubing down the river, which starts near the center of town.

San Marcos boasts a unique multicultural heritage and history where Hispanic, African-American, German, Anglo and other cultural influences are a part of everyday life.

Click here for a great video history of San Marcos provided by the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority in a partnership with the City of San Marcos.