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There were moments that were very therapeutic–like on day five, when we drew and wrote things about our exes.

After doing this experiment, what dating advice would you offer to a single friend?

How did your design and illustration work help you process what you were going through emotionally during the experiment?

JW: We used design and illustration as a way to process thoughts and feelings.

What was the thinking behind the design aesthetic throughout the book?

JW: We wanted it to reflect the digital presence we had: colorful, with lots of big, bold typographic artwork.

Now I talk about things I’m going through in my personal life, both publicly and in the context of my relationship with [my husband] Zak.

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What career lessons did you learn from the project?

We wanted a cheap price point, and to have it be very intimate–something you’d read on the train or in bed, not a big coffee table book.

At the end of the day, it’s not a design book–we used design as a tool.

I was looking hard for the right person, which indirectly put way too much pressure on my relationships.

I took things too seriously and couldn’t just date and have fun with it.Would Razer, 49, mind joining him and his nine-year-old daughter to see Barbie Live: The Musical? And yes, she did mind."I wasn't getting laid tonight," Razer would later write."My vagina had fused shut like Barbie's." These dating experiences sound made up, the sort of stories you'd expect to see in a Girls for the menopausal set — if such a series existed.

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