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However, he discovers that she is before they can do it.

A few days later, Blair again tries to have sex with Nate but when he comes over, he admits to her that he already lost his virginity to Serena before she skipped town. Soon after, she decides to forgive him and ice Serena out instead.

Jealous of his infatuation with Serena, Blair always tries her hardest to make sure Nate doesn't stray from their relationship.

Nate finds her to be clingy and is periodically annoyed with not having sex with her.

Casey enjoys chocolate, horror movies, and Netflix binge-watching.

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Like the television adaptation, Blair and Nate grew up together in Manhattan.However, when you are with the right person, you will learn to forgive and work at moving past mistakes.Although Chuck and Blair went through an insane amount of struggles, they were able to overcome them because they loved each other and truly wanted to be together.She agrees and they make plans to excuse themselves.

However, Chuck decides to help Blair consummate her relationship with Nate by giving her a key to his suite to seal the deal.According to Chuck, the two have been dating since kindergarten and their parents always planned on the two of them marrying. When Blair finds out, she's shocked at first but eventually forgives him.

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I was sort of weighing my options between the girls I was interested in that I was sure weren't interested in me, and those who I maybe could have gone out with and I was like, 'Maybe I'll stay at home and make music'.''Taylor Swift has been romantically linked with Ed Sheeran in recent weeks.… continue reading »

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There are now more ways than ever to help Liberty University students get their ring by spring.… continue reading »

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