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The International powers that be have in there zeal for money have butchered the world heavy weight boxing scene so badly that its turned into a freak show.Thus the idea of a former champion 25 years past his best challenging for a world title is not as far fetched as it once might have been!

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By the time of Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago in ROCKY' S III and IV respectively the Italian Stallion was up against fighters that did not seem to be human.Although he falls short, because of the effort and the show that he puts on, the public demand a rematch and consequently sequel to ROCKY is made and so on.It's important to remember that in the 1970's the American public craved for there to be white heavyweight boxing champion so when the original ROCKY was released not only was it contemporary but captured the imagination of the public at the time.In a time when top athletes in their respective sports are stronger, faster or bigger and more powerful than there peers from earlier decades, heavyweight boxing is about the only sport to have regressed.

The skill levels and talent are so much poorer than their counter parts in the 1970's and 80's that none of them could even carry Muhammad Ali or Larry Holmes jock strap's when they were at their best!

It's slow in certain areas particularly at the beginning but over all a nostalgic effort which tried to capture the theme of the earlier rocky movies.

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