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It powered waterworks and mills, fed irrigation ditches, provided drinking water, put out fires, and carried sewage downstream (Mc Lemore, 1980).

In 1877 Harriet Prescott Spofford, writing for Harper's New Monthly Magazine, rode on one of the first trains to San Antonio and declared "On a more enchanting spot the eye of poet never rested.

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All of the dry-weather flow of the San Antonio River in the downtown area used to come from two major groupings of Edwards Aquifer springs, both with their own separate pages on this site: San Antonio Springs and another nearby grouping of springs, the San Pedro Springs.

Despite a unique reverse buttress making an angular turn at the center of the channel, the dam has withstood many years of destructive floods with only minor repairs required to maintain its sound condition.

The 8 foot tall structure diverts approximately 4500 gallons of water per minute into the 4 mile long irrigation ditch known as "Acequia de Espada".

By gravity flow the acequia provides irrigation water for 400 acres of land in the vicinity of Mission San Francisco de la Espada.

The mouth of the acequia may be seen on the opposite bank of the river just upstream from the dam.

Eventually five mission complexes were established, linked by seven acequia systems, between the headwaters of the San Antonio River and its confluence with the Medina River.

Originally, the mission was west of San Pedro Springs, not on the San Antonio River.

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