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01-Dec-2016 17:20

Spirituality is a personal experience with many definitions.Spirituality might be defined as "an inner belief system providing an individual with meaning and purpose in life, a sense of the sacredness of life, and a vision for the betterment of the world." Other definitions emphasize "a connection to that which transcends the self." The connection might be to God, a higher power, a universal energy, the sacred, or to nature.Research suggests that these types of thoughts can be associated with poorer physical and mental health, and increased use of substances.One study of Veterans being treated for PTSD found that negative religious coping and lack of forgiveness were both associated with worse PTSD and depression symptoms (19).

Evidence suggests that trauma can produce both positive and negative effects on the spiritual experiences and perceptions of individuals (1).

Researchers in the field of spirituality have suggested three useful dimensions for thinking about one's spirituality: Currently in the US, opinion surveys consistently find that most people endorse a belief in God or higher power.

In a 2007 Gallup Poll 86% of respondents indicated a belief in God, while only 6% stated they did not believe in God (4).

Researchers noted after the 9/11 terrrorist attacks that 90% of respondents reported turning to "prayer, religion, or spiritual feelings" as a coping mechanism (17).

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In general, research suggests there is a positive association between spirituality and grief recovery for survivors of traumatic loss (20).For example, anger, rage, and a desire for revenge following trauma may be tempered by forgiveness, spiritual beliefs, or spiritual practices (5).