Dating demand

21-Aug-2017 06:17

This represents a new start for How About We, which was acquired by IAC in June of last year.

Cofounder Brian Schechter explained that we’re heading into a post-Tinder era, where the overloaded inbox and back-and-forth messaging become more annoying than effective.

Our intern, Delaney, gets some pretty weird messages on Tinder. PLUS, FIANCE FRIDAY, BEAT SHAZAM, and we've got the Johnjay Rap girl in-studio!

Bedhead's big news today is giving Johnjay ALL of the FEELS.

Depending on the length of the membership, the price ranges from /month to /month.We've also got a brand new WAR OF THE ROSES, BEAT SHAZAM, and Grant picked up some new...soap? We've also got a follow up from GROUP THERAPY and a brand new HUMPDAY DUMPDAY!!! Our FINAL CHAINSAW WAKEUP of the year is a pretty special one! PLUS, Johnjay and Rich are BREAKING BAD NEWS, we get an update on Kyle's ghost problem, and so MUCHmore!! PLUS, a brand new WAR OF THE ROSES, GROUP THERAPY, and we want to know what scares YOU! They also had a pretty significant wardrobe malfunction! Is there ever a normal moment in Johnjay's life??? PLUS, the competition is getting stiff on DANCING WITH THE STARS and our pal, FRANKIE MUNIZ, is right in the middle of it!