Dating cat and mouse

29-Jun-2016 05:26

I'm old school about this stuff - so I'm curious to hear what others think about this.NYC is a bit of different beast -- but I agree, I do not like being the aggressive one.Obviously, avoid being too available, but also avoid being aloof. Totally agree that at the beginning of a relationship it's a balancing act of showing interest and then seeing how the other person rises to the occasion. you can set the stage...then observe how and if he delivers.I'm all for ladies making moves, but it's a give and take. Love Cora's comment about setting the stage and Olivia's about being real.If a man is truly interested in a woman, he will pursue her and contact her and make plans.

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She can be fully available to him (no need to play it too cool), but she should not be in the driver's seat for the earliest stages of dating.This doesn't involve a woman changing herself to seem more attractive, but merely manipulating the degree to which she reveals herself to him.The chase requires patience on both ends, but guarantees to make life more exciting for everyone.It's a game, but it's a fun game - works for me in the short term at least! I always advise my clients: if you like him/her, ACT like it and don't play it too cool for school.

There are many ways to let someone know you're into them, without initiating plans and coming off as too eager.Moments later, a man wearing a suit who appears to be in his 30s appears and greets her.

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