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The majority of carnival glass pieces had designs on the outside of the glass, with some pieces having two different designs, one on the inside of the glass piece, and a different one on the outside.

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One of the first carnival glass manufacturers was the Northwood Glass Company.

After a few location moves and business mergers the company made its final home in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Northwood started producing carnival glass in 1908 with one of their first patterns being one of grapes.

Fruit dish with Peacock design inside and ribbed design on the outside.

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She can be reached at: [email protected] Clichy Paperweights Etched and Engraved Glass of the Netherlands Depression Glass Identifying Nineteenth Century Saint Louis Paperweights Identifying Nineteenth Century Pennsylvania Glass Paperweights: Gillinder, Challinor and Taylor, W. Carnival glass gets its iridescent sheen from metallic salts having been sprayed on the surface of the glass while it is still very hot.