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After smashingtheir gold target last season Henri Chassaing and Kellie Carter are faced with a new, sky-high season target, the duo must go deeper and harder than ever, on a new mission to explore every last gold-bearing corner of the wild bush.Godzone Dictionary, written by Auckland-based author and broadcaster Max Cryer, is filled with expressions such as "skite", "jandal", "bring a plate", and "box of birds", which are spoken daily by his countrymen but mean little to outsiders.In Newzild, he explained, flip-flops are known as "jandals"."A New Zealand businessman called Anthony Yock had the idea for them in 1957 when he saw, in Japan, a sandal which had a wooden sole and a strap that passes around the big toe," said Mr Cryer."He had a rubber version made and registered the trade name, which is an abbreviation of 'Japanese sandal'."Mr Cryer delights in the fact that the New Zealand dialect has retained some ancient words from the British Isles but that have been largely forgotten in their homeland."That word 'skite' is in everyday use, meaning to boast, or a boastful person, and comes from an old British word 'blatherskite' which I don't believe you would hear any more in its homeland," he said.When a new, online triple-A title is announced, the first question on the lips of Aussie gamers is: Will there be local servers?Previously, the answer was often "no", but these days many studios and publishers have picked up their hosting game.

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We are also planning on one more small incremental patch, 2.6.2 that will include the Mega Map feature, which allows Players to seamlessly connect to different multiplayer matches or jump into a single player game mode without having to load a level every time. This was one of our stretch goals and with the move to Amazon's AWS we are now able to move forward with it which I know will make people in Europe and Australasia happy as 200ms pings aren't fun!No date is mentioned for 2.6.2, however, going by the schedule for 2.6.1, which is slated for a mid-February release, you may be waiting until March or even April for this change.

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