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After choosing an option (either kneeling to, standing before, speaking to or calling Saradomin a snow imp), progress through the conversation.

If you have openly declared allegiance to a god through a God Emissary, you can bow before him if he is your chosen god, or if you have sided with any other emissary, initially defy his request and declare your loyalties to another god. Since you will need a disguise to enter the fortress, take the armour just south-west of you, made up of the Black Knight captain's helm, cuirass, gown, gauntlets and boots. He'll tell you that you'll be impersonating Captain Dulcin, the overseer of the Black Knights. With your permission, Saradomin will teleport you to the entrance of the Black Knights' Fortress.

Pick either option and head to Captain Dulcin's quarters.

Search Dulcin's desk in the north-eastern area to find Captain Dulcin's journal, which you're unable to unlock. Search the wardrobe for a Letter from Lord Daquarius, search the box of candles for three red candles, search the shelf for chalk, and then take the Grimoire.

Next, speak to Lieutenant Graves in the hallway, who will inform you that the witch has escaped and the operation has been sabotaged.

Lieutenant Graves will ask to guard Sir Owen, but before he can do anything, Owen will incapacitate him. You're given a choice whether to kill Graves or tie him up.

When you start chanting, you can check the Grimoire to find the right words for the candle, which varies for each player: #1 on the Grimoire on the north-west candle, #2 on the north-east and #3 on the south-east. Sir Owen will confirm which candle needs to be chanted next.

The correct order is: Arom Nahrea Imperium Feritas Silenti Sepulchrum Igasac Perdimit Ebulam After chanting at the last candle, a portal will open up to an unknown realm.

Enter the doorway to the east, to a crypt filled with the bodies of Saradominist warriors from the Third Age.

She explains that she is Dawn, a sister of the Abbey of St. Dawn will tell you that the Black Knights have found a weapon sealed behind a holy barrier, and they're trying to sacrifice her to breach the barrier.

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