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He could have met and gotten to know her, Habib points out, through his professional theatrical associations, since acquaintances were brothel owners, and prostitution flourished in areas adjacent to the theatrical district.Shakespeare could well have fallen in love with the woman, but felt it was a relationship that he should not or could not maintain.Others note and reflect on the presence of interracial couples and of the offspring such unions produce.Shakespeare himself would incorporate race into at least eight of his plays, examining the inevitable frictions in a way palatable to theatergoers.For his landmark studies, Habib has received accolades from the Shakespeare Association America, and is one of a handful of experts interviewed by noted documentarian Michael Wood for an upcoming British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) series on Shakespeare.

Only within the last decade, and owing to the work of several American scholars, including Habib, who examined primary documents of Elizabethan social history, has it been established beyond a doubt that blacks lived in London in the 17th century.What I have tried, and am trying to do, is to use the urgent lessons of the present to correct and supplement the legacies of the past.” Habib observes that race was then, and remains now, a difficult proposition to advance and expound. Considering the present results of genetic studies, no substantial variations have been discovered that enable humans to be characterized racially.

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