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07-Aug-2017 22:08

We suggest that you read a book on the grieving process and perform the exercises.

If you are still having trouble, you may need to consult with a professional therapist.

We hope that you have the courage to take the next step of working to eliminate that fear -- and toward a rewarding marriage.

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When we take a careful look at the childhood of an adult who has developed a fear of abandonment, there had been warning signs from way back, when the individual was young.

It's like building a fire: first, you gather tinder, then you place the kindling on top and then, add the fuelwood.

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Abandonment issues can certainly appear after we're grown—contrary to popular assumption, they're not always caused during infancy or early childhood.Or, the man might try to hold on to his wife too tightly, by monitoring her phone calls, following her, and becoming jealous of her friendships with others.She, in turn, may feel so threatened by his paranoia, or so upset at his lack of trust, that she does exactly what he fears -- and leaves him!Well, you didn't give us too many details to work with!

Most people who are in a good courtship are not preoccupied with a fear that the other person will leave them.Due to the large volume of questions received, they are unable to answer each one.

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