Dating a cutter

12-Oct-2016 02:58

Contrary to some beliefs, cutting is not a suicide attempt, but rather a survival tactic, to release the pain and cope with life.

Unfortunately, cutting not only creates tissue damage to the skin, but it does not make the pain go away.

Bullying is one of the most disturbing ways to demoralize another human being, especially those as sensitive as young people.

When a student is bullied in school, the likelihood is that he or she will not have a solid group of friends with whom there can be an outlet for the pain inflicted.

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Without any other positive source for expressing or coping with their trauma, many victims of bullying turn to self-hurting methods, cutting is the most common.

How a person may engage in destructive actions to numb or distract oneself from issues, are vast.

They can be anything from working too many hours, drug and alcohol abuse, and self-injury methods like cutting. Cutting is most common among young people, mostly because of their immaturity and inability to deal with painful and traumatic experiences in their lives.

Some adults may think that young people don’t know what pressure is, without the responsibilities of paying bills, supporting a family, maintaining a career, etc.

The truth is that expectations in school, family life, and relationships with peers can create traumatic events that can lead to a young person cutting him or herself.

Affecting young people aged 12-24 years old, cutting is the most common of all self-harm methods.

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