Dating a banker anonymous hoax

20-Sep-2016 21:04

The reason behind the sudden and sharp increase for this key-word is undeniably the publishing of my "Flat Earth Conspiracy" book and documentary pair which were both released in November 2014.

The Flat Earth Conspiracy was the first pro-flat Earth book written in almost 50 years and is rapidly becoming an under-ground best-seller while my documentary, interviews and other flat Earth videos have received a combined 1,000,000 views and growing.

Acenci relayed Mark's message which said, "." And herein lies Mark's method of muddying the waters of truth and poisoning the flat Earth well.

Everything he has to say on the flat Earth subject is based on "his model"; not science, evidence, experiments, proof, or reason, but rather what he thinks works best from "a game design standpoint" (because he used to be a video game designer).

He subsequently divided his time between sucking up to me, dismissing the shilliness of his friend Mark Sargent, creating sock accounts to like and agree with himself, and otherwise filling the forum with useless content as per Cointel Shill Protocol.

When his constant defense of Mark Sargent became unbearable, his sock accounts discovered, and he started making paranoid rants about us needing to shut down the IFERS forum for fear of our lives, Acenci (and his other multiple personalities) were banned.

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His second clue was claiming with no evidence whatsoever that Freemason Admiral Byrd had reached the "dome." The unfounded claims only got more ridiculous as Mark began doing radio interviews.

" and nervously annoyingly laughs as he does every time an interviewer asks him a straight-forward question.

Claiming to know of NO EVIDENCE/PROOF the Earth isn't spinning other than ancient texts is ludicrous, disingenuous, and proves Mark has no business in the flat Earth movement.

At this point, I'm just sure it's not a ball, other than that is open to speculation." What kind of confidence does it instill in listeners when this supposed "leader" of the Flat Earth movement "isn't even sure the Earth is flat!?

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Right after starting my IFERS (International Flat Earth Research Society) Forum, my "biggest fan" and most enthusiastic and prolific poster was one "Andrea Cenci," allegedly an Italian banker who watched my Flat Earth Conspiracy Documentary and was instantly converted to a flat Earther.

About six weeks after my flat Earth book, videos and articles started going viral, this character showed up on You Tube making a series of well-presented "Flat Earth Clues" videos, uploading a new one every day.

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