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14-Jun-2016 12:38

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It’s not so reprehensible as to be unwatchable, it’s just another average series floating around the stagnant pool of harem comedies.

There are much better examples of the genre, but there are, of course, much worse.

It’s a very visual release that compliments the story well with its vibrant colours and otherworldly feel… The audio quality of Date A Live is quite impressive on a surround sound system thanks to its 5.1 Dolby Digital track that boasts good audio levels and a great fun j-pop action soundtrack. The dynamics of the series is extrmely fun and the animation really pays homage to the story, especially the interpretation of the Spirits.

In terms of extras, Date A Live the Complete First Season contains actor commentaries which is quite amusing, textless songs and the U. Sure it may be sexist and for the most part and politically incorrect but this is Eastern animation at its best.

This first episode gives you the impression the anime has potential, but the second episode decides to throw that potential out the window and engage in typical harem antics with a splash of nonsensical and a few shakes of stupid.

It turns out Shido’s sister is really the commander of a space ship and the goal of the crew is to make the spirits fall in love with Shido so that he holds their powers in check and they become real girls.

The story wouldn’t have benefitted much, but it would have made a much better product.

The thing about this series is that I can’t hate it.

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None of them particularly stand out except, once again, Kurumi. And rounding it all out is Shido, a character who can do no wrong, protects a girl who violently murders people in front of him, and doesn’t have any problem with kissing his sister.Harem anime is typically focused on a man and three women, while the opposite scenario is referred to as reverse harem anime.