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17-Oct-2016 16:47

I'm shy but also fun, I like socialising and being out with friends, travelling, and working. I am from Thailand 35 fit energetic happy, friendly, relaxed. I love nature and the natural beauty of the outdoors, beach, rain forrest our national parks.

I would explain myself as being outgoing, enthusiastic, spontaneous, adventurous and true to my word. I love entertaining, a good movie, Hi, my name is Kate. I love the outdoors, camping, hiking and I do love spending a chilled out day doing nothing with good company. well where do i start , im bisexual just ask and i shall tell you more , im looking for a friendly lady who i can spend some time with camping , fishing, outdoor stuff cars ,traveling . I´m an artist,usually working with stained glass, & water colours however,currently working in an un-related field to support I'm a fun energetic person.

I am an active person, I enjoy camping and being under the stars (or going to a resort), going canoeing or walks along the beach. road There is nothing romantic about my hours so I dont always have Weekends free. Always up for a laugh or even just someone to listen.

I have a I have been travelling around Australia for the past 2 years, and had lots of crazy experiences in this amazing country! Hanging out with friends and love to I love music, dancing, socialising with freinds, meeting new people. I like playing video games and would love to find someone to sit next too and play with.

so a little about myself, I have a passion for nature, wildlife and conservation and a cold beer always goes down well in the afternoon. I like to get my hands dirty; at work I mean I am an Australian ecologist. Have a big personal interest in nurturing love for each other and the planet.

Love bushwalking, swimming in the ocean, kayaking, watching critters . Have a great sense of humour and am bloody funny (well My name is Antonica and I live in Darwin.

(And I promise I'm more mature than I look) I am random and a bit weird, and I'm Im 18 and have been out to my family for a while now, I have 3 sisters and a brother, great mum and step dad im going to be an aunty soon which im so excited about.

currently studying, have gone back to part time schooling to get an OP.

love music, live music, art, reading, over-sleeping, body art, red wine I am a genuine what you see is what you get person, i hate taking crap from others and always speak my mind.

Moved to Darwin recently and here to stay....hence why I am now looking to meet friends online who are not guys Hey there, I am 28 years old, have been living in Alice Springs now for nearly six years, originally from Victoria.

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Darwin is Gumball's adoptive brother and best friend.Moved to Darwin 12 months ago from Phillip Island Victoria.