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12-Oct-2017 18:19

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Former Baylor president Ken Starr made himself "former Baylor chancellor Ken Starr" as well on Wednesday, resigning one of his two other posts and explaining it to ESPN's Joe Schad "as a matter of conscience." Starr, heavily implicated as a primary reason for Baylor's institutional failures in responding to sexual violence and other violence against women in both the findings from a report prepared by law firm Pepper Hamilton released last week and in media reports dating back months, also said he "willingly accepted responsibility" for the school's inadequate response to several allegations of rape in recent years, and that "the captain goes down with the ship." That would probably have been all well and good, and earned some valid criticism about how Starr resigning now as a "matter of conscience" is cold comfort to victims who could have used a school president compelled to do more in response to reports of rape, some of which Starr was allegedly personally informed about.Had Starr managed to stick to simple contrition, he and Baylor might have been able to chalk this up as a victory, in the limited sense that any public relations ploy could be. Starr said that he wasn't aware of any on-campus rapes, basing that lack of knowledge in part on being behind a "veil of ignorance," and implied that part of the reasoning for that was that Baylor is a "dry" campus on which alcohol is prohibited.

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