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Over 80 percent of the sexually active people in our nationally representative survey of 1,000 adults said they sometimes avoided sex last year. Here are six top reasons, along with some advice about what, if anything, you should do about them. TOO TIRED OR NEED SLEEP: 53 percent You may feel amorous heading to bed, but once you're there the need for sleep can overpower all other desires.And worrying about not being able to fall asleep can make sex seem unappealing.An Instagram starlet has been left red-faced after accidentally live streaming herself having sex with her boyfriend to 14,000 of her followers.

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In fact, Koehler says that your first step toward better sex should be a checkup, so your doctor can rule out the many diseases and drugs that can cause sexual dysfunction.Archaic humans like "spread like many other mammals in the Old World," Pääbo told me.