Critically elucidating the role of selenium

06-Apr-2017 09:54

Selenium is important for maintenance of cellular membrane integrity.In addition, it aids in thyroid hormone production.The levels of zinc and PRL are inversely correlated with severity of illness.Keywords: critically ill, intensive care, zinc, selenium, prolactin Introduction Critical illness or injury occurs when an impending or existing organ failure impairs the balance of oxygen and substrate supply and demand.

The test sample was allowed to react simultaneously with the antibodies, resulting in PRL molecules being sandwiched between the solid phase and enzyme-linked antibodies.Working reagent and samples were mixed and incubated for 2 minutes at room temperature, and then absorbance values of standard and sample were read at 520 nm against the reagent blank within 30 minutes.PRL determination The PRL quantitative test is based on a solid-phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.PRL acts by stimulating the secretion of other cytokines and the expression of cytokine receptors, which indicates that PRL may influence the immune system.

critically elucidating the role of selenium-3

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Stress-induced lymphocyte apoptosis is thought to be mediated, in part, through the adrenocorticotropic hormone–cortisol axis.

Zinc deficiency causes loss of T- and B-cell maturation and also results in altered secretion of a number of cytokines.

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