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09-May-2017 20:22

I couldn’t even face drinking a cup of coffee there, let alone anything else. At least 25 per cent of men who go onto these sites are married and wanting a fling rather than a serious relationship.The word ‘separated’ can often be translated as ‘still living in the family home and sleeping with my wife’.Here are a few examples from current profiles on a popular site: Now be honest, do any of these headlines intrigue you, or make you want to know more about the person? My dating profile led with a quote instead of a position description. It has content (what the quote actually says), it has tone (beautiful, funny, sarcastic, solemn), it reveals something important about you in relation to the author (a Homer Simpson quote says something different to an Anais Nin quote), and it attracts someone who has a similar cultural or literary taste (again Homer Simpson vs Anais Nin).

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We had nothing whatever in common, and I fled as soon as decently possible.

None seemed to have any of the extra pounds that actually counted, namely money.

I read that they were ‘mortgage slaves’ — at 60 plus! Not only did he expect me to buy my own drinks — I’m old-fashioned enough to believe that a man should pay on the first date — but it turned out he had huge baggage.

We had arranged to meet in a pub opposite Reading Station.

But just before I was due to set off, he rang to say he had changed his mind. Online dating for older people sounds such a good idea, and ever more of us are signing up in the hope of meeting a wonderful new partner.

My internet dating career was successful because of my profile.

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