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Converting to another religion can result in violence inflicted on the man by his family and also to his family by others within the community."Neither of us can convert and having a civil marriage abroad or in Egypt would not work either because we'd both lose our families and we won't be able to live in Egypt freely," she explained.Usually kept out of the public eye, discrimination against Coptic Christians in Egypt happens on a regular basis.Many Copts emigrated during the period, ending up in Europe and the United States. Copts in Egypt claim they still suffer discrimination and persecution today.The violence and instability that has engulfed Egypt in the past few years has undoubtedly adversely affected already marginalised communities.There have also been infrequent examples of local Muslim communities accusing Copts of various offences and acting outside of the law. Copts form the largest Christian minority in the country, with an estimated 60,000 living there, but their status is increasingly precarious.There has been little redress for these Copts, with many claiming authorities turned a blind eye to their complaints. The country's descent into civil war and chaos following the collapse of Mu’ammar al-Gaddafi’s dictatorship has seen the nation riven by rival extremist factions, with the government having little control.

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Despite originating in Egypt, the religion has a worldwide following, with populations of Coptic Christians existing in the United States and Britain, as well some African nations, such as Sudan. The video, titled 'A message signed in blood to the people of the cross', makes reference to the "hostile Egyptian Church".

Specifically, the men involved in the video claim that these "crusaders" will have their blood mixed in the "sea you have hidden Sheikh Osama bin Laden’s body in".

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