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if you meet someone like this, make friends with his mother, sister, or older, married friend (if he is not with his family in your country) and get to know them as a family (or church family) group.if he likes you, you will find out from his family and then you can make plans to hang out with him more if you like him course, you can also meet someone on your own out for coffee, but it's more likely to turn into a long term relationshipif your family or close church family (i.e.In Sixth through Ninth-century Europe, manuscripts were written on parchment and vellum, rather than the papyrus of eastern Egyptian Christian tradition.Since vellum and parchment are prone to curling, heavier wood boards replaced leather flaps as the binding of choice (Fig.Beginning in the 2nd century AD in the eastern Mediterranean basin, the Egyptian Copts used a chain stitch (Fig.

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Their discovery spurred a strong push for scholarship on the Gnostic tradition, as previously discovered writings were rare and in poor condition.

“True” Coptic bindings leave the spine exposed, but some later examples of this technique have been encased in leather wrappings (Peterson, 45).

The Coptic method of binding was first used to bind together leaves of papyrus in Islamic Egypt, and evolved alongside the ever-changing book technologies, binding everything from parchment to vellum and paper books.

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