Consolidating project schedules

23-Mar-2017 22:13

Recent studies point to the four P's of project management; together, these "4 P's" suffice to describe the culture that exists within project teams: 1) P for Plan: this refers to all activities that involve planning and forecasting.

At this stage, the project and/or elements of the projects have not materialized yet; 2) P for Processes : as well documented in the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge), projects consist largely of a series of predetermined and well-structured processes; 3) P for People: People are an essential component of the project's dynamics and a number of studies show that people are at the heart of some projects' endemic problems.

The "critical path method" (CPM) was developed as a joint venture between Du Pont Corporation and Remington Rand Corporation for managing plant maintenance projects.

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Several models of iterative and incremental project management have evolved, including agile project management, dynamic systems development method, extreme project management, and Innovation Engineering® Critical chain project management (CCPM) is an application of the theory of constraints (TOC) to planning and managing projects, and is designed to deal with the uncertainties inherent in managing projects, while taking into consideration limited availability of resources (physical, human skills, as well as management & support capacity) needed to execute projects.

If the project management objectives are ill-defined or too tightly prescribed it will have a detrimental effect on decision making.

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