Consolidating email accounts gmail

12-Jul-2016 20:18

If you are in the middle of responding, and then get distracted by a newsletter and spend an hour reading it, and checking out all the links, you’ve suddenly lost your email flow. We get hundreds of spam messages a week and usually only 1 or 2 show up in the inbox.

You can easily mark them as Spam, and they instantly disappear, so no worries. You are crazy busy with a million other things, but email doesn’t go away.

Monday morning after a weekend of receiving e-mails is a great time to team up and tackle the inbox together.

For example, say you subscribe to your favourite website’s newsletter. What you can do is create a filter that looks for incoming mail from certain e-mail addressees (like the ones sending the newsletters).

You like receiving the newsletter, but you don’t like how multiple newsletters can crowd your inbox and distract you from the messages that actually need to be replied to. Gmail can have those e-mails automatically skip the inbox (be archived) and have the label “Newsletters” applied.

Giving up hours of your day to email is reactive, and often doesn’t do much to move your business forward.

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Gmail makes the repetitive task of emailing as efficient as possible so you can spend more time doing stuff that is going to make your business awesome.It’s going to take some time to set up, but that time will be repaid over and over again in the long run. If you don’t already have an account with Gmail then you can sign up for a free account here.

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