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30-Jul-2017 18:09

Unemployed workers were twice as likely as their employed counterparts to experience psychological problems (Paul & Moser, 2009).Unemployment can contribute to reduced life expectancy.Such paternal behavior, in turn, predicted temper tantrums, irritability, and negativism in children, especially boys, and moodiness, hypersensitivity, feelings of inadequacy and lowered aspirations in adolescent girls (Elder, 1974; Elder, Caspi, & Nguyen, 1986).

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These days, people are quick to throw the concept of neediness around without actually looking at what it is.

Limited benefits deepen the hardships associated with unemployment. A GAO study found that low-wage workers were almost two-and-one-half times as likely to be unemployed as higher-wage workers but about half as likely to receive unemployment benefits.

Low-wage workers, particularly those in minimum wage jobs are often ineligible for benefits because they do not meet state criteria for earnings and/or work participation thresholds (Institute for Women’s Policy Research, 2008; U. Although the length of time that federal unemployment benefits can be received has been extended, the United States still lags behind European countries in terms of the time period during which benefits are provided (Rampell, 2009).

The temporary nature of benefit extensions further jeopardizes unemployed workers.

Phasing out unemployment programs before a full economic recovery is realized threatens to leave many workers without much needed benefits (National Employment Law Project, 2009).Unemployment may even impact decisions about marriage and divorce.

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