Computer zes after updating nvidia driver

25-Apr-2017 19:04

Without driver updating software, drivers are normally not monitored or ... and hardware component on your computer uses a driver to operate properly.When drivers are outdated, chances of device malfunctions get significantly ...I had a similar problem with NBA2K15 (I had 4GB RAM them) but it was solved a week later (after an update)!!!So I am almost sure that this is not a PC's problem but it all about CLOUD servers!

computer zes after updating nvidia driver-82

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Twice within 5 mins after a whole day of no freezing. This clearly wont be fixed by something we do on our end.I know many of you are desperate, and at the same time have absolutely no experience dealing with any of the PC related knowledge . So stop telling people how you "fixed " this game with strange solution with no evidence, no basis but pure speculation.

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