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Communist ‘aristocrats’: Party watchdog takes aim at ‘self-serving’ youth league cadres The league’s Zhejiang branch held a huge dating party on Sunday in Hangzhou, with about 5,000 people attending, the China News Service reported.

For our social gatherings we go to lounges, bars, clubs, art museums, movies, concerts, restaurants, indoor karting, food and wine festivals, and such.For our outdoor adventures, we go to full moon parties on the beach, hiking and kayaking at nature parks, snorkeling to the beach and/or reef parks, boating and paintball ranges. We have a lot of fun and create awesome memories together.We will be planning most of our events in the Broward and Miami area. Take a peak at our prior event pictures so you can see for yourself.China’s latest census in 2010 revealed that 2.47 per cent of women aged 30 or over are not married, up from 0.92 per cent in 2000, the China News Service reported.

Ling Jihua, former Chinese presidential aide, sentenced to life in prison Former leaders with ties to the league include ex-president Hu Jintao and a faction within the party based around the organisation is known as the “tuanpai”.The league was criticised, however, by the Communist Party’s anti-corruption agency last year for its self-serving attitude, with some connected to the group deemed to think of themselves as “political aristocrats”.