Common meta tags for dating sites

10-Dec-2016 11:31

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Plus, the branding tells people the source of a page at a glance.

If you have a long brand name, it could be difficult to fit the whole thing in a title tag. That way, you still get brand recognition, but you don’t lose words in your title tag.

However, you only have about 67 characters to use in a title tag.

If you go over, Google will truncate your title, and the ending won’t show. This forces you to use short, strong words that’ll catch someone’s attention.

This meta tag is useful for any pages that you don’t want to show up in search engine results pages (SERPs).

When you use the robots tag, you have three choices about what you can tell a search engine: This command is the default for all search engines.

For the best results on your pages, choose an abbreviation that you can use consistently.

That’ll help build brand awareness and association with Google and its users.

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While it’s not critical to SEO, it’s essential if you’re creating individual pages targeted at people who speak languages than the main one on your site.When you code these commands, it looks like this: all the links on it.So it won’t look at the content of your page, and it also won’t go to any links you have.This is helpful if you want to temporarily take a page off of search engines without deleting it from your server.

When you code it into a page, the command looks like this: With the robots meta tag, you can control exactly what Google does on your individual pages.

This is great for any kind of writing, but it’s especially useful when you’re writing a meta description.

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