Christian dating physical touch

04-Oct-2017 02:54

Those values (and standards) will continue to hold toward others even after she is married.

On a first date an affectionate embrace or a simple kiss is the maximum allowed.

We shift our discussion now to boundaries in the context of human relationships.

We have already established that which boundaries are set is not as important as the fact that boundaries are set and adhered to.Following the presentation, we suggest two books that address the topic of boundaries in human relationships.The concept of boundaries, vitally important to living a successful life, is curiously under researched by psychologists.A first date, no matter how wonderful, is not sufficient data (OK, she’s a statistician) to allow extensive physical contact to bias her thinking.

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She applies to her dating relationships the attitude that wealthy people do to making large purchases, such as a house.It did not make it into and the evidence of research psychology is that the ability to set boundaries and adhere to them, particularly where strong emotions are involved, represents the foundation for success in many areas.