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Please do not dominate the main room (the Lounge) with silly talk.

In the past there has been a tendency for teenagers and young adults to pile up in the main room (the Lounge) and dominate the microphone with silly talk at peak times when there are other people in the room who might like a chance to speak, or might like to discuss more serious topics. The chat room moderators are just that: moderators. Please allow them to moderate (i.e., change topics, steer topics, or move discussions to other rooms). Please do not attempt to charter a room for your own official scheduled event/Bible-teaching/Prayer-meeting/etc.

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We like to welcome all to Christian Chat, but if anyone is not here for fellowship (or for wanting to know about Christianity), but simply for disrupting fellowship, offending people, whatever, then that person is not welcome. By "anything" we mean anything -- web sites, chat rooms, churches, groups, doctrine, etc.

I was immediately welcomed when I joined the app, and people were messaging me asking if I needed prayer for anything.

I love that you can start a topic of discussion, and people will actually participate and give constructive input.

Our chat community is made up of men and women from around the world, from teenagers to retirees and all ages in between.

Feel free to just watch or to jump right into the conversation!Although folks are open minded and fun here, still, the chat tends to be grown-up and religious in nature... Only the very born again and those interested in serious Christian chat should visit.