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As the lead singer of The Archies, Archie performs with Betty and Veronica, as well as his rival Reggie Mantle, and best friend Jughead Jones. Archie's paternal grandfather Andy Andrews, immigrated to the United States from Scotland and befriended Moose Mason's Russian ancestor, who had emigrated at the same time.

Archie has been depicted wearing the traditional kilt of his ancestors and playing bagpipes (but not very well).

Issue #609 revealed that this relationship had seeped into common knowledge by the end of the tour.

Archie and Valerie were forced apart when the Pussycats were touring Europe without the Archies, but hoped to keep their relationship going.

He often thinks of Veronica only as a close friend and confidant.

Veronica loves Archie, but he frequently takes her for granted.

He lives in Riverdale, where he attends Riverdale High School. His two main crushes are Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper, forming the love triangle driving many of the comic's plot-lines.

Archie is married to Betty in Archie Marries Betty: Life With Archie series.

Archie likes it that he can use Veronica as a back-up when he does not have a date with his primary girlfriend Betty.

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