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05-Jul-2017 07:19

So in a world of 4G and fibre broadband, why are we still clinging to text interfaces in unsuitable contexts? Text-based messaging between humans is useful because it’s asynchronous – we’re happy for the conversation to carry on later. They represent the return of the command line interface – call and response – so we expect communication in real-time.2016 saw thousands of new chatbots emerge, and while texting with them might have seemed fun, they consistently delivered sub-optimal value.Typing on small screens with friends is convenient, but text-based interactions with chatbots less so.The always on 24x7 nature of technology has expanded reach and the robustness of booking platforms with cloud technology has made the switch for the consumer a no-brainer.So where does technology take the travel experience next?

Technology has replaced a whole business segment and now online is the primary way to book travel even for large corporates.

Text-based messaging works best with a human on both sides of the conversation.

Humans understand the context, intent and sentiment of other humans. They chat for a few minutes to plan grabbing dinner and drinks, and maybe take in a Broadway play after work.: Jim: “Hey, Concierge-Bot”Concierge-Bot: “How can I help?

Voice bots won’t just add value to our personal lives – they’ll quickly add value to our work lives as well, becoming useful “on demand” assistants to make voice conversations between humans more productive whilst making our “concentration time” more productive too.

And we’ll be commanding help from voice bots through every device we use, not just our smartphones.

Each is a small step towards voice bots being adopted in the world of work.

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