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24-May-2017 21:28

For most of a week she was handcuffed, gagged and locked in a closet.

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With the couple outside, she found the cell phone they had taken from her and quietly called Wrentham police, who had been looking for her and left her a message checking on her well-being.

When she asked for help but said she didn't know where she was, they told her to try to find some mail.

The girl's first contact with the couple came months ago, when she met James Warren, 41, in an America Online chat room and told him she wanted to run away from the home where she lived with her parents. I., where the couple raped her, and then drove to Loschin's and Warren's homes, where the attacks continued, police said.

On Wednesday, the couple even forced her to call cops in her suburban Boston hometown of Wrentham and made her say she was okay and heading to California.We tried to explain him, citing Islamic history and how these sacred places were occupied by Najdi feudal Lords Sauds on the back of a Salafi frenzy created by Abd al-Wahhab and British Government's military support who conspired with Sauds to destroy Islamic Khilafah.