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Do you ever go out of the northwest for book signing tours, if so, when is your next one scheduled? This year, I've been to California, Oregon, Phoenix, Kansas City, Denver, Minneapolis, New York, Chicago. Ann Rule: Yes, I was in Toronto, Vancouver, and Victoria - several times.Question: Have you ever gotten an answer to your quest for "Why" that ever made sense to you?The following is an edited transcript of the chat with Ann Rule conducted on Tuesday, January 12, 1999. Ann Rule: I can't tell you the exact true story "Possession" was based on. Ann Rule: Yes, there were too many people with their hands out for money in the cadet case. And too many people were telling all the secrets in it to the papers. Question: Ann, do you have an opinion about Jeffrey Mac Donald's guilt or innocence? Question: I recently read your newsletter on your web site and it was very interesting to read the updates on the people in your books. Ann Rule: I have not read "Fatal Justice," but I have read voluminous excerpts. And there are eight writers in Boulder now, just waiting to write. Question: Have you ever thought of writing your own book about the Green River murders? Question: What true story was your novel "Possession" based on? Question: Ann: What type of books do you read for your own pleasure? Question: Have you changed your mind about writing a book about the cadet murders in Texas? " Is it possible some of the evidence was suppressed? Question: Yes Ann..yours would be the best and most accurate!! Ann Rule: Yes, I've studied a great deal of psychology at the University of Washington, and I also have read hundreds of psychological reports on as many cases.Question: What happened to the property or possessions belonging to Scurlock? Question: Do you think anyone will decide to write a book on the cadet murder case?Ann Rule: All of Scurlock's property went to his family. Question: Ann, do you ever get depressed talking to all these crazy, sadistic people? There are too many great readers AND good people who help solve crimes. They are not the kind of people who slow down to look at an accident. Ann Rule: There have been a couple of quickie cadet murder paperbacks.I think there is a genetic predisposition for violence in some cases, and I think there may well be some brain malfunction that cuts off the connection between conscience and action.Question: Have you ever done any research in the San Juan Islands?

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Ann Rule: Yes, I'm working on a book about murder where the Internet had a part.The next is the James Garner case in Colorado - where he is accused of shooting his wife and in-laws, and the last is a Washington case of another murderous husband. Question: Ann, you have been gifted with a clear mind and an ability to see the facts as they unfold. I care a great deal about the people I write about. I hope you do write about one of these kids some day, Ann. Ann Rule: I am for the death penalty when it involves sadistic sociopaths who will surely get out one day and kill again!The other titles are "Bad Together" and "Empty Promises." Question: Do you have an update on Sara Gordon and her children, from "Dead by Sunset? But I feel that you have compassion for the victims and that motivates you greatly. Question: The boy that killed his entire family in Michigan recently, went before the judge for his bail hearing and pleaded with the judge to let him out before trial so he could "see a bit of the world" before he did his time!!! Ann Rule: I hestitate to write about murderous teens. Question: Ann, will you ever investigate the Homolka-Bernardos spree in Canada? Question: How do you keep cynicism away from the front door? Ann Rule: I am not a cynic because I find at least three dozen heroes for every bad guy or gal I have to write about.But I'm sure that Bob Mc Nannay, her one-time stepfather is handling it all well. Question: I love to read murder stories because I try to find out what drove that person to actually kill another human being.

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How did you come to write about murder as opposed to any other subject, Ann?

Ann Rule: Yes, I talk to almost every killer I write about - unless, like Brad Cunningham in "Dead by Sunset," they serve as their own attorneys, and testify for days and days. Question: You said that you are working on three books, what are they going to be about?

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