Challenges of dating a police officer

21-Jul-2016 22:46

When the wife suggested that the dog be kept outside, the officer felt she was asking him to shirk his duties.

The dog became such a source of conflict within the family that the officer and his wife were close to divorce when they sought psychological help. Although neighbors may be comfortable with a police vehicle in the driveway, they may be less comfortable with a trained police dog in such close proximity.

As soon as the dog arrived, however, he promptly got up after dinner and walked the dog. In another case, the officer and his wife had agreed that the dog would become part of the family and would be allowed free rein in the house.

The first evening the dog was taken home, he destroyed the Christmas tree and all the Christmas presents and attempted to attack one of the children.

An Administrative View Although in most instances officers find the K-9 program rewarding and satisfying, problems may emerge.

Some police administrators find they have an inordinately high turnover rate among officers assigned to the K-9 program compared to other specialized assignments.

The Police Dog and The Officers Family In most cases, an officer who is assigned to the K-9 program boards the dog at his home.

Though this arrangement is usually discussed in advance with the officers family, a realistic picture of the situation is not always presented.

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As these patterns become clearer, preventive and remedial procedures can be incorporated into the overall K-9 program.Though he felt he had done his best, he was in jeopardy of losing his job, his home, etc.Another problem often occurs when the K-9 handler is promoted or reassigned.However, the close relationship may at times become exaggerated and interfere with the officers performance of police work or with his relationships at home.

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The Dog as a Partner It is often assumed -- and may in fact be the case -- that a police officer working with a dog as a partner is exposed to less risk than officers working alone or with human partners.If the choice is between risking another officer or the dog, the officer will respond appropriately according to his training.

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