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The direction of these sex differences was region-specific for OTR but consistently higher in females than in males for V1a R.Finally, almost all sex differences in OTR and V1a R binding density were already present in juveniles and occurred in regions with denser binding in adults compared to juveniles.Oh, these girls know for sure what’s what in screwing hard and they are going to prove us this fact here!Enjoy looking at them showing everything they got before getting all of holes stuffed by cocks.Thus, a comparison of differences in OTR and V1a R binding densities between juvenile and adult rats of both sexes, throughout the brain, is lacking.OT and AVP often regulate social behaviors in sex-specific ways in adult rats (Bluthe and Dantzer ).

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Social behavior often differs across development and between the sexes, yet our understanding of age and sex differences in brain OTR and V1a R binding remains incomplete.

By activating these receptors, OT and AVP have been shown to modulate a broad range of social behaviors in adult rodents, including social recognition, aggression, and maternal behavior (Veenema and Neumann ).