Cdc statistics dating violence

10-Oct-2017 12:06

In his recent proclamation, President Barak Obama declared February, 2012 as national Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.In America, an alarming number of young people experience physical, sexual, or emotional abuse as part of a controlling or violent dating relationship.Teen dating violence can occur in any couple regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status.The nature of teen dating violence can be physical, emotional, or sexual.Despite the lack of evidence suggesting a causal relationship between alcohol abuse and intimate partner violence, domestic abuse and drug and alcohol addiction frequently occur together. This statistic proved to be true in Indiana as well, with many perpetrators in Lawrence County having prior criminal charges associated with substance abuse; 40%- public intoxication/ illegal consumption of alcohol, 32%- driving under the influence (DUI), and 26%- being charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Currently Series 14 (2017) is available to search on various variables.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the past 12 months, one in 10 teens reported being hit or physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend.In 2012, it is estimated that one in 4 teens will experience dating violence.An abusive relationship can have many long term impacts such as depression, substance abuse, and other health complications.

While substance abuse can be a long term consequence of an abusive relationship, it is also a risk factor for the onset of dating violence.While it is evident that dating violence stems from an issue of control and power between partners, the role of alcohol should still be addressed.