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But by far the most controversial kind of sneeze on SFF is the so-called “false alarm,” when someone builds up to a sneeze but never follows through.

For some, this is the sneezing fetish equivalent of a good striptease.

And while sneezing fetishism might be fun for the “normal” to gawk at, it’s also a richly textured erotic world full of mysteries that have yet to be explored.

It’s more than just a weird fixation, it’s a complex but rare form of human sexuality.

It’s taken the advent of the Internet and social media for us to even realize that sneezing fetishists exist.

And sneezing fetishists themselves didn’t find each other until the days of AOL, either.

There were newsletters for foot fetishism, latex fetishism, amputee fetishism, and even a newsletter called Razor’s Edge for men with a fetish for women with shaved heads.

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As one early sneezing fetish Webmaster wrote: “Nobody can hide who they are when they sneeze; for just that one second, they allow us a glimpse of something they can’t hide, something they can’t stop.Sneezing fetishism has caught the fleeting attention of the Internet before.In 2011, for example, Gawker poked fun at posts about the disaster movie Contagion on the Internet forum Sneeze Fetish (SFF).For example, woman writes: “I watched the Count on Sesame Street, counting flower pots and sneezing after each one. ” (For reference, the Count sneezes seven times.)But Freud also theorized that the sex drive is initially “polymorphously perverse”—meaning that it’s naturally inclined to wander into all sorts of strange territory—so it’s hard to know the true significance of these etiological moments.

His explanation of normal heterosexuality, after all, is at least ten times more convoluted than his account of fetishism.It’s beautiful—very sexy.”In this respect, sneezing fetishism shares some common territory with BDSM even if it might be hard to picture Christian Grey getting off on a case of the sniffles.